Once an order has been placed the manufacturing stage starts immediately and costs are borne immediately by us. Therefore we stress that once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled. Returns and refunds cannot be accepted else otherwise.

Orders can take up to 7 days to be shipped and 10 days to be delivered. The images in the website are for illustrative or descriptive purpose only. It is not necessary that the quality and design of the actual product to be same. However, we try our best to maintain quality and design.

We will try not share your personal information with any third party. However, we may contact you through E-Mail or SMS or Whatsapp.

All garment, print and embroidery colours shown on the website are only as accurate as the web design process allows. Garment, print and embroidery colours can only be matched to a pantone reference, which must be provided by the customer and is stated by us as available. In the matching, there will always be variance due to screen resolutions, environmental factors (such as lighting), garment colour influences on the inks and threads, and varying dye strengths. We will do our very best to match all colours, but will not be liable for any errors in matching due to a customer’s perceptions.

All sizes are estimates and are not guaranteed. Please double check the size chart on our website or garment bearing in mind that whilst sizes on size charts often relate to the body size of the wearer, rather than the garment, some size charts may differ. If you are concerned about sizing, we recommend ordering samples. Due to the mix of mechanised and human manufacturing, there is some variance in garment sizing between identical products, occasionally up to an inch in each dimension across all manufacturers. Therefore exact sizing cannot be guaranteed, and size charts should be used as a guideline only. We are not responsible for any loss of earnings as a result of mis-ordered sizing or sizing variance.

We will endeavour to provide the highest quality goods as standard, and these will arrive in a merchantable/acceptable quality and good packaging. Any wear and tear or depletion of goods due to use and wear are not our responsibility and we will not be obliged to replace or refund any goods. Further to this, it must be noted that our clothing is sensitive to tumble drying and warm washing; both must be avoided. Pay extra attention to the wash care instructions inside the hem label and if in doubt about what these mean, please get in touch. We recommend all items are washed on 30 degrees Celsius and hung out to dry – not tumble dried. If ordering work wear, we recommend ordering a size up.